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New Member

JPEG Not Visable During DMD Presentation Preview

DMS 5.2.1

When we preview a presentation (in Digital Media Designer) any JPG images within the presentation are not visable. We thought this may be a Java issue but have tested this on multiple computers with the same result. All test computers have the latest Windows and Java updates. The issue has been confirmed with both Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox 3.6.8 browsers.

Any help is appreciated.


Jeff Hostilo


Re: JPEG Not Visable During DMD Presentation Preview


  What is the version of Flash Player installed on the Client PCs ? Can you upgrade the Flash Player to 10.x and above and see if the images show up in the preview ?

If it does not - Upload a new image to the Media Library and create a new test presentation and select the "Playlist" option. This will open another window to select Media asset. Browse and select the newly uploaded JPG file. Save the presentation and click teh "Preview".

Is the issue only with JPGs ? Or even with Videos ? (wmv, mpeg, mpg,mp4 etc)


Sagar Dhanrale

New Member

Re: JPEG Not Visable During DMD Presentation Preview


We are running the latest version of Flash Player 10.x and are experiencing the same result on multiple computers.

I am tried loading new content and creating a new presentation but have the same result.

The issue is with JPGs not video files.



Cisco Employee

Re: JPEG Not Visable During DMD Presentation Preview


A couple of things:

* Verify what version of Flash Player is installed.  This can be done by going to the following URL:

   The version used by you browser will be displayed in the middle of the page. The latest is 10,1,82,76.

* Then go to the media library on the DMM-DSM.  Select one of the JPEG images that you are having

   issues with. Right Click and select VIEW asset.  Do you see the image in the preview Thumbnail?

   Capture a Screen Capture of the entire view screen and upload for us.

* Then open DMD,  Open the presentation in question.  Are you using a Media Playlist or Slideshow Playlist?

   Double Click on the Playlist and capture a screen capture of the entire playlist screen and upload it for us.

   Hit Ok and then Select Preview, the preview screen should pop up and the jpegs should be viewable, but as

   you report they are not.   Select the preview web page and then (depending on browser) select VIEW SOURCE from

   the browser command tabs.  Copy & Paste the page source in a text file and upload that as well...



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