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MIB Commands Over HTTPS


I am trying to replicate some remote control key presses using the following FAQ:

However, there is something very wrong with said FAQ.  When I run the following command on my DMP:


I get the following output:

irasrv.key_INFO     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 INFO dispatchKey{value=16777235}
irasrv.key_SKIP_FORWARD     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 SKIP_FORWARD dispatchKey{value=16777228}
irasrv.key_LAST     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 LAST      dispatchKey{value=16777233}
irasrv.key_ZERO     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 ZERO      dispatchKey{value=48}
irasrv.key_NINE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 NINE      dispatchKey{value=57}
irasrv.key_EIGHT     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 EIGHT      dispatchKey{value=56}
irasrv.key_SEVEN     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 SEVEN      dispatchKey{value=55}
irasrv.key_SIX     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 SIX      dispatchKey{value=54}
irasrv.key_FIVE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 FIVE      dispatchKey{value=53}
irasrv.key_FOUR     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 FOUR      dispatchKey{value=52}
irasrv.key_THREE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 THREE      dispatchKey{value=51}
irasrv.key_TWO     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 TWO      dispatchKey{value=50}
irasrv.key_ONE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 ONE      dispatchKey{value=49}
irasrv.key_HELP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 HELP      showIP{}
irasrv.key_SHOW_IP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 SHOW_IP      showIP{}
irasrv.key_RIGHT     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 RIGHT        dispatchKey{value=4194343}
irasrv.key_LEFT     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 LEFT         dispatchKey{value=4194341}
irasrv.key_DOWN     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 DOWN         dispatchKey{value=4194344}
irasrv.key_UP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 UP           dispatchKey{value=4194342}
irasrv.key_PAGE_DOWN     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 PAGE_DOWN    dispatchKey{value=4194338}
irasrv.key_PAGE_UP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 PAGE_UP      dispatchKey{value=4194337}
irasrv.key_VOLUME_DOWN     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 VOLUME_DOWN  decVolume{}
irasrv.key_VOLUME_UP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 VOLUME_UP    incVolume{}
irasrv.key_CHAN_DOWN     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 CHAN_DOWN    dispatchKey{value=16777221}
irasrv.key_CHAN_UP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 CHAN_UP      dispatchKey{value=16777220}
irasrv.key_ENTER     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 ENTER        dispatchKey{value=4194317}
irasrv.key_BLUE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 BLUE         dispatchKey{value=16777250}
irasrv.key_YELLOW     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 YELLOW       dispatchKey{value=16777249}
irasrv.key_GREEN     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 GREEN        dispatchKey{value=16777248}
irasrv.key_RED     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 RED          dispatchKey{value=16777247}
irasrv.key_GUIDE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 GUIDE         dispatchKey{value=16777236}
irasrv.key_MENU     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 MENU         dispatchKey{value=16777234}
irasrv.key_EXIT     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 EXIT         dispatchKey{value=16777237}
irasrv.key_INPUT     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 INPUT        dispatchKey{value=16777243}
irasrv.key_REWIND     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 REWIND       dispatchKey{value=16777227}
irasrv.key_FAST_FORWARD     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 FAST_FORWARD dispatchKey{value=16777226}
irasrv.key_STOP     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 STOP         dispatchKey{value=16777225}
irasrv.key_PAUSE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 PAUSE        dispatchKey{value=16777224}
irasrv.key_PLAY     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft    1 PLAY         dispatchKey{value=16777223}
irasrv.key_MUTE     T_STRING     ira add 1 ciscocraft  1 MUTE         setMute{}
irasrv.key_POWER     T_STRING     ira add 1 shell    1 POWER       mng exit

So as you can see, the output I get from that command on my DMP is not the same as in the FAQ.  Therefore when I try:




I get nothing on the screen.  Can someone explain why the old FAQ references xfake and my mappings are ciscocraft?

I am using a DMP-4310 running v5.2.2 firmware.



Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ

MIB Commands Over HTTPS


Attached is the document that will assist you achieve the mapping on Remote for "4310" , the key difference between 4400 and 4310 is the Web Browser. Hence the process that involves anything with HTTP Request / response is not going to work with 4310. 4310 has Flash Player and it takes in the Flash Variables.

Note : The process assumes you have a Web Server - Apache or IIS.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions.


Sagar Dhanrale

MIB Commands Over HTTPS


Thank you for the response!  I will check this out and let you know.



Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ
New Member

MIB Commands Over HTTPS

can you share the document again?

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