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MXE3500 IP streaming error

Hi, I'm having trouble with live streaming from an MXE3500. When I submit a job the following error occurs:

Internal error, creating server control ( 800401f3 )
Microsoft worker warning: Alias ( Bruneltest ) not added to Microsoft Media Server ( )

Not entirely sure what to do to sort this. To get to this point I've done the following:

1.Creating an IP Capture configuration for the source. In this case a WMV feed from a IP streaming box.

2. Created a Webcast Distribution Profile. Set to output to the correct IP/Port with assigned WMV encoding format with a lower lower res than the original

3. Created a Job profile using the correct Encoder and Webcast profiles.

4. Started a Live Job using the Job profile and IP capture. This then produces the error as soon as it reaches the Job Status queue.

To resolve this I've tried streaming in a number of different encoding formats, Tried a different initial stream and tried a complete terminal reset of the MXE3500. I can't see any reference to this error in any forum or in the MXE documentation so I'm a bit at a loss.

Any help on this would be appreciated 

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Hello1-Can you share if you


1-Can you share if you have Cisco MXE cluster , how many resource node?.

2-Did you need to enable a live streaming on Cisco SNS using capture of Cisco MXE ?.


Can you find the below steps:-

I. MXE Setup (this is for WMV but you can also stream differently depending on encoder you use)
1. Setup IP CAPTURE Source.
2. Setup & Configure a ENCODER profile for Live Webcast.
3. Setup & Configure a WEBCAST profile for Live Webcast.
4. [optional] Setup & Configure a NOTIFICATION profile for Live Webcast.
5. Setup & Configure a JOB profile for Live Webcast.
6. Submit LIVE job for IP Streaming.
7. View & Monitor JOB status to verify the Live Job submission was started successfully.
II. SnS Setup – configure a non-DME Live Event and point to IP address and port you have configured on MXE in Webcast profile,  use
For a Windows Media, URL will be something like http://MXE_IP:9xxx), you need to choose WMV in drop-down.
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