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MXE3500 Windows Server and Sharing Permissions

I currently have an MXE3500 running and have added the virtualized windows server to our Active Directory domain. I can go to go to computer management --> local users and groups --> administrators group and add users from our Active Directory domain (after logging in with an account within that domain).

If I modify a share, and give the administrators group full control of that share, plus modify the NTFS permissions to allow full control, I am unable to connect via UNC from my personal computer to that share on the MXE3500. Has anybody been able to do one of the following:

  • Successfully, apply permissions from a windows domain other then "everyone" to folders that exist on the MXE3500 file system
  • Run the windows instance as a user within my active directory domain, so that I can map a drive to a UNC share on my active directory domain
  • Any other way of connecting to a fileshare where I can apply permissions to a select group of people, and then make a folder watch on that fileshare.

thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re: MXE3500 Windows Server and Sharing Permissions

Hi David

If I have understood your question, you are trying to setup a watch folder to ingest files to mxe for transcoding?

The suggested method is to use the folder attendant feature on the mxe to watch a remote share. Once there is a new file the mxe does FTP fetch and receives the video.

Note that currently mxe runs on a windows VM frontended by Linux . There are some issues with drive mapping. Hope this helps

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MXE3500 Windows Server and Sharing Permissions

Thanks for the reply. I noticed there are quite a few issues with trying to UNC map to any share outside of the local MXE3500. I'm also seeing some issues with FTP watches on an EMC NAS, that has been FTP enabled. The problem I'm seeing now is that the watch will only work, if the watch is at the root level. If I add a file path, its accepted as valid when I save the directory watch, but looking at the fa.log its appending the last directory on twice.

So if my watch is looking at FTP Directory Path of: lifelink

The fa.log shows: .../lifelink/lifelink/

the word lifelink is displayed twice, causing an error, stating: "Error checking file size delay"



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