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Presentations that a receptionist can change.

I need to create a presentation that a receptionist can modify without loggin into the DMM.  Thay have a welcome message that's need to change every day and the DMM admin does not want to give the receotionist admin access to the server.  Can i create a presentation that pulls the welcome message from a txt, xml, csv, word doc of some other type file or custom application?

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Re: Presentations that a receptionist can change.

There are a number of ways you could go about this. If you're comfortable with allowing your receptionist create an HTML document or giving them an HTML template to fill out to drop in a folder on a web server. You could then set that html file as an asset in your DMM. Add a playlist containing the HTML file to your presentation and then set the "Planned Duration" to however long you want it to go without refreshing.

Probably a more advanced way of doing it would be to create a page that pulls the message from a database and formats it in a standardized way. It would be set up similar to the above HTML file as far as adding it as an asset and to the playlist and presentation. Then you would have to build a form on your intra / extra net website to allow the receptionist to enter the message. This would keep them from having to upload an html file or copy an html file everyday, it also doesn't require them to know html. In this type of situation, however, I would definitely recommend some type of work flow process where they type the message and someone else approves it before it goes live.

-- Chris G

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