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Presenter View During Live Events In Show and Share


I am a bit confused about the user authorisation during live events of Show and Share. There is a user who is creating the event and publishing it. I think this user should be the moderator. He can see the questions tab and check the questions coming from the other participants and send them to the presenter view tab.

I have found some information about the moderator and presenter in the user guide for show and share but I could not find out which user can be a presenter, or are the presenter and the moderator the same user or not.

Below is from user guide:

The live event moderator pre-screens these incoming questions and comments as they arrive. Moderators can:

Move any high-priority questions to the Presenter’s View tab. Move any low-priority questions to the Removed Questions tab, either manually or automatically by keyword. Use keyword filters to see and manage only the messages that match those keywords.

. The presenter then responds to any number of these pre-screened questions and comments. (These are messages that the moderator moved to the Presenter’s View tab.)

From the above information, it seems that there are seperate presenter and moderator, but is there a way to assign a user other than moderator only the presenter rights?

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