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Question on Insertions


I ve read on DMS 5.2 user guide that insertions are used to populate playlist,presentations etc.

So, in my attempt to create a playlist consisted of presentations i use the Insertions option.

But, i cant find any way to populate the insertion!!!

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you all

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Re: Question on Insertions

Basic Steps to use Insertions:


* Add media asset to DMM

* Create Playlist (using the DMM-DSM Digital Signage Tab) with the

   Media asset you just added.

Repeat the process above for X times as needed....

For this example, lets say I have Playlist-1, Playlist-2, and Playlist-3...

* Under the Digital Signage Tab, select the Insertion Tab

* Create an Insertion, fill in appropriate fields

* Click on the "Add Content" button to add the Media assets above

* On the left side navigator, you can click on the PLAYLISTS button and the playlists will

be displayed in the list view on the Right.

* Select Playlist-1, Playlist-2, and Playlist-3  and then SAVE

Then, Deploy Playlists 1-3 via a Schedule or manually and then you can run

a report based on the insertion....

I Hope this Helps!


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Re: Question on Insertions

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for replying!

So, more or less, the DMM gives you the ability to create a playlist consisted only with media assets but not with presentations?

Furthermore, this means that i can only add video,pictures,music in playlist but not a presentation that i have desgined with the DMD.

Correct( i just wish that i'm wrong because this would be a big disadvantage of the DMM capabilities)?

Thank you

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Re: Question on Insertions

You are correct in your assumption of no presentations in a playlist but that is not

really a big deal.

I look at a "Playlist" and a "Presentation" as similar entities.

What I mean by this is, the Playlist and Presentation are both just

a collection media assets.  The presentation just puts them in

nice format.

Remember, you can just schedule your prezos one after the other.

In regards to Insertions, You can add presentations to Insertions.



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