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RS232 Code for Samsung 400UX

Hi everyone,  I'm looking for the RS232 code to auto on/off our samsung. I have manual about code but when try with pc or dmp. it didn't success.

So Could anyone give me example code

for LG Monitor turn off TV

for Samsung Monitor turn off TV

Thank you very much.

Sukitti L.

Cisco Employee

Re: RS232 Code for Samsung 400UX

You can use a Null Modem or a RS-232 Crossed Cable.

db9 female                                       db9 female
  5 (GND) -----------------------------------------5 (GND)
  3 (TX) ------------------------------------------2 (RX)
  2 (RX) ------------------------------------------3 (TX)
  8 (CTS) -----------------------------------------7 (RTS)
  7 (RTS) -----------------------------------------8 (CTS)
  6 (DSR) -----------------------------------------4 (DTR)
  4 (DTR)------------------------------------------6 (DSR)

Take a look at the documentation...
There may have been some steps you missed...

* Connect RS-232 cable to the DMP and the LCD.
  I believe either RS-232 port should work for the LCD.  I thought the FRONT port (closet to front of TV) 
  was an IN\OUT port.  And the BACK port was just an IN port.  I used the BACK port for my testing.

* next, you NEED to ENABLE ON RS-232 controls on the DMP first.  From the DMM, issue the 
  "Advanced Task--> System Task --> RS-232: Control Supported, non-DMTech displays" for the DMP(s)
  in question.   By default, RS-232 controls are disabled.

* Create 2 new System Tasks in the Advanced Tasks Tab.

Turn ON  - Cisco LCD = rs232.tx_hex=aa11fe010111
Turn OFF - Cisco LCD = rs232.tx_hex=aa11fe010010

* Once RS-232 Control is Enabled & the New System Tasks are created, You can now issue the LCD Turn On & Off
   tasks from the DMM-DSM DMP Manager.

Note:  You can combine RS-232 commands using the "Control TV"  tool on the DMP Manager List Zone.  The "Control TV" 
is designated by the TV with Antenna Icons in the DMP List Tool bar.

RS-232 Troubleshooting

- Make sure the RS-232 cable has the correct pin out.

- Make sure RS-232 is enabled on the DMP.

- Perform the following to make sure the cable is
  correct and the DMP is sending RS-232 commands:

1. Connect RS-232 from the DMP to a PC

2. Open HyperTerminal and set RS-232 settings from
   previous slide

3. Send hex commands from the DMP though DMM-DSM

4. You should see the hex command in your HyperTerminal

After verifying DMP is sending the RS-232 command,
please, check the following:

1. The RS-232 is connected to the "IN" port and not the "OUT"

2. Make sure monitor ID is set correct and the ID matches the
   ID in the hex command.

3. If no ID is set, use FE, for all monitors, as the monitor ID in
   the hex command

4. Double check the command and the check sum value.
   * Make sure each field has 2 digits

If this answers your question, Please take time to mark this
discussion answered & rate the response.

Thank You!


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