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Show and Share Flash Server??


I was recording a video with my web cam and then tried to publish it. It appears in the lists of videos but I does not play.

1. I found that when you record a video from a webcam it automatically goes to the web server in .flv format.

2. I take the complete path URL to publish the video, since it does not run directly from the SnS.

I was reading in the users guide that Cisco suggests one server for each format if possible, so I checked out both of the servers suggested for Flash which are:

Wowza Media Server Pro 1.7.2

Adobe Flash Media Server

I have one web server and since I am using it just for demos. So I wonder if anyways I must have one of these servers running in the current web server or I need to deploy a separate flash server, or there could be something wrong and I should be able to run flash videos from the current web server without any modifications?

Note: I recall that in previous 5.1 version I used .swf for previews and that I could save them in the same web server and get them play from there.

I attached screen shots from my deployment locations in case they are helpful. I have to say that I am not an expert on managing servers but I could deploy an IIS just for this demo environment and it is working fine except for this flash issue.


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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

You deployment settings for Flash look fine and passes the test.

After recording and publishing your WEBCAM recording, the SnS should

deploy to your web server in the location you setup.

On the Web server in the directory that you configured for Flash should

be a webcam.flv file. 

ie. A-a4951e44-d4d1-48f8-aa88-4b36bb607a28-1273849267445WebCamCapture.flv

You should be able to download on your Client and or run directly on the

server with a FLASH Player.  The Correct FLASH format is "FLV".

Verify that you have permissions to run & execute files on your web server

for that directory and file.

Record another small web cam recording and than upload it here

so that I can look at the file and media information.



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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

Here are the images of the new capture.

You should know that once I stopped the capture and the file was put into the server I could access the server via ftp and I could from my laptop play the file with GOM Player.

And after I typed the URL to publish the video from the server I could not play the file via ftp anymore.

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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

Your problem is that you are changing the URL.  The URL is SELF created by the SnS when you save it.

DO NOT change the URL for a WEBCAM recording.  It does it on it own once it is published.

Try it again and DON'T change the URL.  Just Save & Publish...


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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??


I tried again:

1. It does capture de video and creates a file in the server.

2. I click publish and it does.

3. It appears in my videos.

4. Click play but it does not, I don't see any activity in my web server meanwhile.

More pics attached...

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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

What browser are you using?

Have you tried different browsers and try to access

from another client?

Please go to the ADMIN Module on the DMM and look at

the Services TAB then the Show and Server.

Is the Streaming Server running on the Server?

My guess that it is NOT... because look at your

do not play image.  the little box does NOT have a

play arrow.

You will need to go to the Show and Share AAI interface

and restart the streaming server

Appliance Control-->Restart Options--> Restart_Streaming_Server

That should fix it..



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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??


This is driving my crazy lol now I can't record a video. I did what you suggested and then I tried to record a video and I got this error mesage.

I noticed that when I click record it the timmer doesn't run.

I tried with IE, Mozilla & Chrome, same problem for all.

Attached picture.

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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

verify again that the streaming server is running...

create another recording and make sure you enter

all items for this test.

your snapshot is too high.. capture the entire screen when

you have issues


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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??


I can't get it run and I think that my problem as I said at the begining of this post, that I don't have a flash server installed. Therefore I cannot make any modifications nor create any webcam recordings.

I attached a document that explains this and if you did not know about this I hope it works for you, and if you did and I did not explain my self correctly "an apology" lol.

Thanks a lot for the time.

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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

The Streaming Server "is" the Flash Server that comes with

the Show and Share appliance.  Editing your Web Cam Videos, Flash, and H264

videos can be done with the included streaming services server on the


Once the Video file is created, you can edit it by managing the video.

The documentation should elaborate on this...


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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

Well, I'll kreep trying to make it work. I'l try to figure out what am I doing worng.

I forgot to attach the file, here it goes just in case.

Thank you!

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Re: Show and Share Flash Server??

Hi Tom,

I am still struggling with this issue.

I'll describe again the steps:

In My Show and Share go to Add Video/ Record a Video/ Camera and Microphone prompt click Allow/ Start Capture/ Pause Capture/ Save to Drafts/ It appears in My Videos with 5 buttons below the preview "Play, Manage Video, Edit Video, Publish, Delete"/ Click Play (works "This is a preview of your video"/ Go back to My Show and Share/ Click Publish/ Go to Videos/ Click Publish/ Go to My Videos/ Click Play... But nothing happens!

If you have any other suggestions they're more than welcome.

I followed up the steps from the document and I can't make it works.

I don't wether it is allowed or not through this Support Community to have WebEx sessions. If so please let me know I have a WebEx account.

Best Regards!

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