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Show and Share unable to upload or record videos

Hi there

I have a Show and Share Version 5.3 that has been running well for months, this morning however I was attempting to upload a video with accompanying slides and the system briefly showed 'uploading video' and then showed "Saving Video ... please wait" ... And now the Show and Share server is completely jammed , i cannot record, or upload or anything... the same message pops up "saving video... please wait" and sits there forever. never completing

I have rebooted the SnS 3 or 4 times, and rebooted the DMM twice but alas nothing - it is still stuck

I had set the SnS to use local storage and the URL check is still showing fine - I then unselected store locally and noticed that all the HTTP paths are showing an error... they all point to "http://myservername/vportal/fileUploads/prod   " and are displaying URL Test Failed beneath the box - this is true for ALL the HTTp paths

My theory is that the Tomcat or webservices are sick and no matter how many times I reboot they are not recovering... I am reluctant to do a wipe of the box as there is data on their I dont want to lose and it seems drastic .... I know there is a Root account on SnS ? At least i could get to the Linux and see if the Web URL is busted or corrupted - can anyone help ? Or suggest another route ?


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Show and Share unable to upload or record videos

Sorry I can't help but I have a similar problem. After recoring a video in SnS the web page shows: "Saving Video...Please Wait" but nothing happens.

I have an MXE3500 (version 3.3.2) integrated with SnS and the recorded video does not seem to even get to the MXE3500.

However, I can still dial into the MXE3500 and get it to send a video to SnS which can then be published and viewed (although the auto publish feature doesn't seem to work but that's another mater).

The main problem is that you can't record a video in SnS (version 5.3.12). I've paired the DMM & SnS servers again just in case there was a pairing problem.



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Show and Share unable to upload or record videos


Thanks for the reply, after a few days of tinkering and trying to understand what was happening , i called in the big guns from Cisco TAC. We spent a day or so trying to assess what was happening. It turns out that I had deployed my SnS in an unsupported mode - Behind a Firewall and using NAT !!! Apparently Show and Share is not designed to work behind a firewall.

The tell tale issue was that when you view the source of the upload page (under my Account - click uploads button top right - or ( https://YOURDOMAIN/vportal/vpo/createContent.htm) - look for a script area in the page source that has a URL that points to the upload location and it likely will have the un-natted IP Address, in my case it was trying to load pages from or something like that. And that will never work of course as it is not the FQDN or external IP

The BU team at Cisco have been fantastic and have provided a patch that takes minutes to install if that is your issue. IF that is the case for you then contact the team at Cisco support and they will for sure help you.

If that is not your problem then try rebooting the appliances, that will restart all the web services. Suggest also that you put the Firebug plugin into Firefox and start a trace on the Uploads page, it may tell you what it is trying to load. In my case it was an XML file called crossdomain and it was trying to access this file using the internal IP mentioned above

Hope this helps you

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Show and Share unable to upload or record videos

Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I’m not behind a firewall but It seems that the problem is with Firefox (latest 25.0.1) as I was able to upload a video using IE (10).

I need to do more testing but that seems to be the issue for me.

Thanks again.


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