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SWF files and DMD


We are working on an RSS ticker for DMP4310. It is written in Flashlight 3.1 using AS 2.0.

The file loads RSS ticker items from local and remote RSS feed's XML sources. When the SWF is hosted in a webserver and loaded as it playes perfectly both PC. When played using DMP4310 DM flash playback URL, it also plays very well and is able to load local XML content and remote RSS feed. For remote RSS feed we used crossdomain.xml to bypass Flash security issue.

The problem is that when embeding the SWF in a presentation using DMD, the SWF displayes the background and wont load the XML content.

Upin inspecting the "xTAS-core/appgen/clad" application which DMM sends to the player for playback and looking into its source, the SWF URL is correct. I just cannot understand why is it that the DMP doesn't play the SWF when it is inside a presentation. SWF is added in DMD by creating a new playlist and using (Add URL) then typing the SWF URL with planned duration of 00 for infinite playback. WHat may be wrong here, we spent so much time trying to solve this with no results.

DMM v.5.4.1

DMP 4310 Firmware 5.4.1


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