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Upload of file in arf format to SNS

If I upload a video that I downloaded from WebEx in the arf format, SNS will take it, but not publish it.  I have also noticed that if two arf files are uploaded all other videos no matter what format, are placed in to a pending status and will never publish until at least one of the arf files are deleted from MXE.

Any ideas?  Is their a way to not allow arf files or is my enviroment mis-configured?                  

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Upload of file in arf format to SNS


I was able to confirm you are running into the defect you mentioned, CSCtx92834. I recreated the issue by trying to transcode your file in 3.3.1 without patch for defect CSCtx92834 installed and I saw the same issue. I then transcoded it on an MXE that contained the fix for the bug and it transcoded properly.

The defect is fixed in MXE 3.3.2 or 3.3.1 and applying a patch. The recommendation to fix the issue would be an upgrade to 3.3.2.

Here's a link to the 3.3.2 release-notes:

The upgrade path:

The upgrade to 3.3.2 is pretty straightforward. It consists of downloading 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 software bundles and simply browsing to the MXE UI and specifying the software bundle and clicking 'upgrade'. This upgrade process is simplified because it's not a major upgrade.

If you haven't had a chance to review the process you can see it here:

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Upload of file in arf format to SNS

The above patch only part fixed the issue. With the above patch in place, .arf files will publish but I was loosing the video portion.  Only the audio part was there.

There is now another patch that I need to apply.  That patch is as follows;

1)      If you already have the VMWare ESX client on your PC, point it to the VMWare management IP you created and log in using root/. If you do not have the VMWare client, point browser at https://> and you can download/install it. Then log in as stated.

2)      Expand the link next to your server IP in the left-hand column and highlight the WinOS VM.

3)      Click on the Console tab to the left

4)      From the menu at the top do Inventory/Virtual Machine/Guest/Send Ctrl+Alt+Del

5)      Log in as user mxe-service, password Cisco gives you

6)      Do Start/Run/control and a second password Cisco give you

7)      In the box that comes up, highlight the mxe-service user and uncheck the box for “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”.

8)      Then right-click any open space on Windows desktop and choose Properties. On Screen Saver tab set to None.

9)      You can close the VMWare admin tool at this time.

10)   Then upload and run the attached patch called

. To upload to the MXE, easiest way is to open UNC connection over network to the MXE (\\ hostname or IP). There should be a default Temp share. Copy this file to it.

11)   Remote Desktop to MXE as user admin. Navigate to C:\Temp and unzip the patch ZIP file.

12)   Open a command prompt and change into the unzipped directory. Run “DisableScreenSaver.bat”.

Hopefully this will be the last patch.

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Upload of file in arf format to SNS

The two patches listed here did fix my issue where recorded videos from WebEx would not upload and publish.

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