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Uploading a wmv to SnS

I have SnS 5.3.10 ( with MXE ) when I upload a WMV file I get a prefilter failed error on the MXE;


Prefilter failed: Error [1]:
Initialization error detected
(Unable to connect NullRenderer filter)
[EC_COMPLETED] Task Execution 215 is now complete. Reason = Failed.


 Does any one know what that means? The wmv file is good, I've played it several times.


Hello1- Can yu share a


1- Can yu share a screenshot from MXE setting configuration on Cisco show and share , please?.

2-Can you check the licenses of your MXE ?.

3-If you can share the video , i can test it on  my lab?.



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New Member

The MXE is working for video

The MXE is working for video recorded from TCS. It's just the uploading a *some* windows media files. I was able to upload a different wmv file. Why would one file work and another one doesn't. The one that doesn't was recorded from LYNC 2010. I don't know how the one that works was recorded.

Hello Nick Just disable on

Hello Nick


Just disable on MXE setting - uncheck WMV transcoding and after this try to upload your video again , you should get it published , I testes with my lab and evrything is ok when i disable  WMV transcoding , i did not try with enableing WMV transcoding . Do you have any closed caption or slide synchronize?. 



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Hello I have already tested



I have already tested with enable transcode wmv and also work with me perfectly.



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New Member

Huh, I can't get that file to

Huh, I can't get that file to work. I converted it to MP4 and it still doesn't work - unsupported input file format.

I was able to get that file ( once ) to show a thumbnail but, most of the time it doesn't even do that.


That doesn't seem like a work around - turn off transcoding for this ( 1? ) file.

I don't know how to look at the transcoding job that comes from SnS. Did you have to tweek yours? What versions are you running?


I'm going to upgrade SnS to 5.3.12.

New Member

updating to 5.3.12 worked.

updating to 5.3.12 ( SnS & DMM ) worked. I tried both allow users to transcode windows media files - checked and unchecked and they both work.

Hi Nick Good news , yes i

Hi Nick


Good news , yes i have v 5.3.12 .FYI when i asked to disable transcoding for only WMV , not for all videos . This is to make sure issue from your SNS or MXE . So if you disbale MXE for mwv , that means file will be uploaded direct to SNS without MXE , so after you got a problem that means problem from SNS . Any way  for your question above to check logs from Cisco MXE , find the below:-

RDP to your Cisco MXE

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Media Experience Engine\logs

under Logs you will find many LCS logs , each txt file name lCS-X-log  "the X present the day on month" , so you
will get from 1 to 31 , so when you hit a transcoding , you can see which date and catch you logs.





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