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Video format in DMP 4305


We have problems with a presentation with 4 videos. The system is DMM 4.1 and DMPs 4305 with signage module.

I recode this videos at format:             video: MPEG TS 720x576 (4:3) 29.97 fps 5000 kbps cbr

                                                       audio: MPEG 48Khz 384Kbps.

and add the videos to a video playlist with a resolution of 1280x720. This videos are uploaded at the DMM 4.1 server, not in a external server.

When send the presentation, the DMPs work well for hours or days until the DMP present a blank screen on the LCD.

After that, we need send stop application and re-send the presentation.

I recode the videos many times but i dont know what is the metod for recode the videos for work well with the dmp 4305 and dmm 4.1.

What can i do for optimize the videos for work well in the dmps 4305 with dmm 4.1??? I dont know why the DMPs fail when work with video content for a long time.

Thanks a lot.

New Member

Re: Video format in DMP 4305

Slide 16

§Content formating for the DMP 4305 with a 4.3 firmware version

Flash 6
movie (.swf)---audio not supported
§ECMA script (Java Script) version 1.5
Mozilla 1.7.13
§Image file formats: .jpg, .png and .gif
§For flash animation: jpeg, or png compression, 72 dpi, up to1100px X 730px file size up to 600 K.
§For external jpg files in .swf movie: non-progressive scan, Max. size: 450KB
encapsulated in Transport Stream, Transport Stream = 1 File.
For displays sizes 20", 32", 37", 40", 42", 46", 50", 57", 65" : MPEG-2 Transport Stream at 720p for the full screen, and NTSС DV (720 x 480 x 29.97 fps), or 480i/p (720 x 480 x 29.97) for the zone  (No 1080p settings!)
High Definition (HD) 1920x1080 and Standard Definition (SD) 1366x768 formats, and size depending on native resolution of your display.
Supported Bit rate up to 15 Mbit/sec
recommended for :
HD: 12 Mbit/sec - 15 Mbit/sec
SD: 3 Mbit/sec - 5 Mbit/sec

You should FTP the individual video file to the San Disc memory on each individual DMP. Have your digital signage application reference the video file on the local DMP. Not sure what is going on with your video file stopping to play. Sounds like a network issue. Take this out of the equation by putting the video file that has to keep playing all the time local so the network is not part of the equation.
I hope this helps.
C.O. Little
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