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Video over HDMI, audio stream ok for test but no sound on distant DMP

Hello every body,

i have a problem playing video files on distant DMP,

in fact i tried even with video files provided from dmp testing materiel,
every thing gose ok while testing on local dmp test,
but on remote dmp no audio, for 6 dmp, none sound out.

Does i missed something

ps : i tried local video playing, udp url, stored locally on dmp but nothing wored out



Re: Video over HDMI, audio stream ok for test but no sound on di

Hello Raouf,

It may be possible that the audio settings on the Remote DMP are different than the one that is in your test LAB. Please verify the audio settings in teh DMP Web GUI --> DMP Display Attributes. Make sure that the Audio Channel Volume (left/right) is not set to zero. If they are change the settings to 50% on both. Save and reboot the DMP.

If you are having the same issue after the change. Please attach the MIB status from the DMP on which the Audio is Working and from the one that is not.

MIB status can be collected as follows :-

If you have a Digital Media Manager :

1) Log into the DMM.

2) Navigate to Digital Signage module.

3) Navigate to Digital Media Players

4) Select the DMP in question and Click on the Actions dropdown menu.

5) Select "Status" from the dropdown and Hit "Go"

6) A new browser window will open. Copy paste the output in a text file and name it appropriately (For Eg : Working_DMP_audio.txt and Non_Working_DMP_audio.txt) and attach both the files to the forum

If you do not have a Digital Media Manager :

1) Execute : https://:7777/get_param?p=*.*

2) Enter the DMP credentails and follow Step 6) from above.


Sagar Dhanrale

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Video over HDMI, audio stream ok for test but no sound on distan

The Display Attributes can also cause the DMP to not output sound over the HDMI connection - if the Display Standard is set to a resolution starting "HDMI_" then it will have sound on the HDMI connection, if it's just a resolution like "1080p60" or one that doesn't start with "HDMI_" then it doesn't have sound on the HDMI connection and the only sound will come out of the analogue audio jack.

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