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Cisco EEM Documentation


where can i find Documentations about the Cisco EEM?

With commands, instructions and so on...

For example: How can i configure my Cisco-819 4G Router to change the SIM-Card if the connection decreases (check with ping and so on).

If i understand the Documents i've read right, it is possible to implement tasks like this with the EEM, but i can't find any usefull Docs.

Thanks for your help!

Community Member

The following document

The following document describes the configuration for dual sim with automatic failover when the primary sim connection is lost.

If you want to change the primary sim using EEM, you can use a combination of IPSLA and EEM applet to manually configure the primary sim.

Here is a good overview of some EEM commands.

you could potentially use "sh cell 0 sec | inc Active SIM" to determine the current active sim and then change to the opposing.

Below is an example using a GSM dual sim device. This is unvalidated and untested so test and adjust commands as needed but it should give you a start on how to change things.

ip sla 11
 threshold 4000
 frequency 6
ip sla schedule 11 life forever start-time now

event manager applet CHECKSIM
 event track 11 state down
 action 01 cli command "enable"
 action 02 cli command "sh cell 0 sec | inc Active SIM"
 action 03 set commandresult $_cli_result
 action 04   regexp "0" $commandresult
 action 05   if $_regexp_result eq 1
 action 06   syslog msg  "Changing Primary SIM to 1"
 action 07   cli command "enable"
 action 08   cli command "conf t"
 action 09   cli command "controller cellular 0"
 action 10   cli command "gsm sim primary slot 1"
 action 11   exit 0
 action 12  end
 action 13   regexp "1" $commandresult
 action 14   if $_regexp_result eq 1
 action 15   syslog msg  "Changing Primary SIM to 0"
 action 16   cli command "enable"
 action 17   cli command "conf t"
 action 18   cli command "controller cellular 0"
 action 19   cli command "gsm sim primary slot 0"
 action 20   exit 0
 action 21  end


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