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EEM/TCL combination... or alternative...

Hello Everyone! ... and thanks for reading!

Without going into much detail, to keep this simple, we are trying to write a script (or any combination) that can help detect if a next-hop is unresponsive and change the ip static route accordingly...

We have an MPLS circuit and a modem on the same router, sending all of our internet out the modem with "ip route X.X.X.X" ...

If the internet modem fails or it's default gateway does we want to modify the above route, among other things, to send internet traffic temporarily through the MPLS....

I've managed to create a TCL script to ping any given address and write to a file if it "FAILS" or "OK" .... now I'd like to issue necessary changes for the traffic to flow...

I can create an EEM applet to do so but don't know how to call it from TCL... maybe I can issue the commands from the same script?

I am learning as I go... only know enough to do simple, very basic stuff... any pointers are greatly appreciated. So far I haven't found anything rich enough for me to get educated from the basics on this.


Thank you and have a great day!

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EEM and TCL are not needed

EEM and TCL are not needed for this functionality.    Use IPSLA with object tracking to manipulate the static routes.





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