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event manager session cli username missing

I maybe missing something very simple, here where is the command "event manager session cli username xxxx" on my Nexus 7710?

n77-vdc2_AGG(config)# event manager session cli username
% Invalid command at '^' marker.

as below my setup so far

event manager environment email_from ""
event manager environment email_server ""
event manager environment email_to ""
event manager applet track_SLA_98
  event track 98 state down
  action 1.0 cli command "enable"
  action 1.1 syslog msg IPSLA collector 98 timed out
  action 1.2 cli command "tclsh bootflash:scripts/smtp.tcl"

-n77-vdc2_AGG# show file smtp.tcl
set mail_pre "Mailservername:\n"
append mail_pre "From:\n"
append mail_pre "To:\n"
append mail_pre "Cc:\n"
append mail_pre "Subject: Multicast Tunnel down\n\n"
append mail_pre "Multicast Tunnel\n\n"
set mail_msg [uplevel #0 [list subst -nobackslashes -nocommands $mail_pre]]
if [catch {smtp_send_email $mail_msg} result] {
    error $result $errorInfo

Cisco Employee

This applet/script won't work

This applet/script won't work on NX-OS.  This is clearly for IOS (and it likely wouldn't work there, either).

You could achieve what you want on NX-OS, but you'd need to port this Tcl to Python.  Alternatively, you can use the "mail" action, which I believe is in NX-OS 7.3:

action 1.2 mail from ADDR to ADDR subject "Multicast Tunnel Down" body "Multicast Tunnel"

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