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Event re-occur during EEM policy run?


I have a general question about EEM policies. I have written an EEM policy where the "event" which is used to trigger the policy at first re-occurs during the policy run. What happens then? Will the EEM policy will be triggered again and another instance of the same policy starts running? I think that is what happening in my case. I am monitoring the status of virtual-ppp interface as an event to trigger the policy, but I am also re-starting (shut/no shut) this virtual-ppp interface as an action in the same policy and I think it is triggering additional instances of same policy to be run. When I do a "sh event manager policy active" I see multiple instances of same policy running. Am I right then?

Is there a way I can stop this process from happeneing? I want only one instance of policy running. So, I guess I want EEM to not activate another instance when one instance of policy is already running. Is that possible?

Thank you.

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Event re-occur during EEM policy run?

Yes, multiple instances of the same policy can be scheduled and run based on the number of configured threads.  I haven't seen your specific code, but my advice would be to consider a redesign to watch for an event that cannot be triggered by your policy running.  For example, if you're looking at a syslog message, see if you can adjust the pattern so that messages generated by your policy are slightly different and wouldn't trigger the loop.

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