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mail alert for error event in VXML gateway

Hi ,


I have cisco 3945 Router and IOS version c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M4.bin"

this router is a VXML gateway configured for UCCE setup.


My requirement is,

whenever the VXML gateway not able to reach CVP it plays survivability.tcl script and log the error message.

 when router plays survivability.tcl script mesage the error message should be sent to SNMP server/syslog server. then from the SNMP/syslog server mail should be triggered to some administrator if there is 20 alert in 1 hour.


Example alert:


Alert Detail like: 782995: Jun 21 15:30:32.197 CST: %IVR-4-APP_WARN: TCL CVP: **** survivability.tcl: Call from ANI = 8707331919 to DNIS = 1815213096 is undergoing recovery procedures due to a downstream IPCC application failure **** CallID = 9B1D8B8D.F8B911E3.9BA1E8B7.48303D00


please suggest how we can acheive this.


requirement 2:


we have 3945 router and  NME-CUSP-522 module used as cisco unified SIP proxy setup for UCCE setup.


when there is route failure to CVP it should generate the alert for route failure to CVP and send the alert to SNMP/syslog server and mail should be triggered to administrator.


please provide solution for these requirements.


thanks i advance.






Cisco Employee

This simple example may work

This simple example may work for you.  It depends on whether or not the VXML messages can be intercepted by EEM:


event manager applet vxml-monitor

 event syslog pattern "survivability.tcl" period 3600 occurs 20

 action 1.0 snmp-trap strdata $_syslog_msg


As for email, that piece would be up to you to configure on your syslog or trap server.  However, if you wanted the device to send the email directly, you could do:


action 2.0 mail to "" from "" subject "VXML threshold triggered" body "$_syslog_msg" server ""

New Member

Hi Joseph, thanks for your

Hi Joseph,


thanks for your reply. I have few queries,


how the device will be able to send an email directly without any SMTP server configurations on the routers?

what SNMP MIB is triggered when this EEM script generates a trap?


how will be the CPU utilization if we implement this EEM script? will it be more CPU consumption script?

Cisco Employee

You specify the SMTP server

You specify the SMTP server instead of  That will relay the mail.


The trap is generated from the CISCO-EMBEDDED-EVENT-MGR-MIB.


CPU will not be greatly impacted, but there will be a slight increase when the policy runs simply due to the fact that the policy is executing on the CPU.

New Member

HI Joseph, we need the device

HI Joseph,


we need the device to send the alert to snmp server instead of sending mail directly from the router.


is it required to have syslog server or it will send SNMP trap to SNMP server? becasue we are using SNMP server.


so if we need the device to send the SNMP trap to SNMP server below script is enough right? or is it required any additional configuration for sending SNMP trap (like logging trap command kind of.)


event manager applet vxml-monitor

 event syslog pattern "survivability.tcl" period 3600 occurs 20

 action 1.0 snmp-trap strdata $_syslog_msg


please elaborate how this script will send the SNMP trap to SNMP server as we did not point SNMP server IP here?


I need to know clearly how this script works when implemented before moving to production. please help me in this.



Cisco Employee

The SNMP trap server is

The SNMP trap server is specified using standard SNMP configuration:


snmp-server host


You also need to make sure you have enabled:


snmp-server enable traps event-manager

New Member

Hi Joseph, Thanks for the

Hi Joseph,


Thanks for the update.

so the below script  along with standard SNMP configuration is enough to send SNMP trap for the required I correct?


event manager applet vxml-monitor

event syslog pattern "survivability.tcl" period 3600 occurs 20

action 1.0 snmp-trap strdata $_syslog_msg

Cisco Employee

Yes, that is correct.

Yes, that is correct.

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