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TCL ICMP Script Question

I am new to TCL and it is very confusing (as of right now) with all the


at the beginning of the script, i need a very simple script to run every 5 minutes

ping source count 10

if i get 8+ replies i need syslog message "SLA SUCCESS" if i got lest than 8 or non back, i need syslog "SLA FAILED"

based on the syslog i will setup event manager to take actions..

problem i have is how to write a TCP script and store it in the memory so nexus switch will run it every 5 minutes.

Please help.

CCIE 18676
Cisco Employee

TCL ICMP Script Question

You mention Nexus in here.  Nexus' EEM feature is not yet robust enough to do what you want.  There is no EEM support for Tcl, for example.  Invoking Tcl from the scheduler or from an EEM applet is also not officially supported until NX-OS 7.0.  While what you want to do is possible using a tclsh script, I don't see a supported way to schedule this on a Nexus switch.

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