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TCL Script

I have pieced together an EEM script from other people's script to automatically configure ports and label the ports with a description when a wireless access point is listed.  However the only downside to EEM is it requires IPBase license which is expensive and the commands that I'm using require EEM 3.2 or higher so some of my older switches can not do this.

I recently learned about a software called Tool Command Line (tcl).  I have looked through tcl tutorials and some scripts and I have no idea where to even begin.  If there is anyway to point me in the direction I should be able to figure out what I am doing.  Below is what my EEM script does.

When CDP neighbor detects a new line that is a Cisco AIR-LAP or AIR-CAP do the following


-Config T

-Default interface its plugged into

-Go into interface

-Take CDP Neighbor name and make that the Description

-Trunk the port

-Allow certain vlans

Seems simple enough however this was actually very difficult to get to work but I finally got it work.  Now for my switches that do not have IPBase or higher license is it possible to use TCL to do this same thing ?

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