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'0x0' body.scan

Hello guys,

I have received a warning for unscannable due to antivirus timeout , when I searched within the logs I found this :

'0x0' body.scan

I tried to increase the timeout but  I still receive this warning frequently , this is happening mostly for xls attachment any idea ???

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'0x0' body.scan

Hi David,

Can you post the version of AsyncOS your appliance is running?

What are you seeing in the mail logs?  From the CLI if you run:

ESA> grep "unscannable" mail_logs

Steve Russell

RTP - Content Security

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'0x0' body.scan

Hi Steven

I am running on 7.6.2-014 , I can find this in mail_logs

This message was treated as unscannable because scanning exceeded the configured Anti-Virus

timeout period (120).

Message ######## scanned by Anti-Virus engine Sophos. Interim verdict: UNSCANNABLE

Message ######## is unscannable by Anti-Virus engine. '0x' body.scan

Cisco Employee

Re: '0x0' body.scan

David -

If you can, please provide the complete message tracking, or mail_logs snippet for this, or other failed XLS attached messages. 

Also - with the messages you are seeing this occurring on...

+ Are they usually from the same sender? 

+ What is the complete message size?

+ What version of AsyncOS is your appliance running?

+ Have you verified the lastest engine/ruleset is in play on the appliance(s)?  Run 'avstatus' - or, run a 'force update to assure the lastest is running ---> 'antivirusupdate force'

It is possible that the files may be have either malformed MIME parts or deeply nested MIME - which may be treated as unreadable by the Sophos engine --- in which case, we would need to get the file itself submitted direct to Sophos for review and possibly updating the engine associated with our OS.

Hope this helps!


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