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300V cluster migrate to C170 cluster

Hi Everyone,


Currently we have 2 units of ironport C300V running version 8-0-1-023 clustering, we would like to migrate this 2 VM to hardware appliance C170 running version 8-0-1-023 as well.

I have tried to export config from one of VM box and import to one of C170 but failed. I have noticed the port number is different that C170 only has 2 port while C300Vhas 3 port.

How could we migrate configuration using export/import function from VM to C170?

Will version 8.5 help in terms of cluster config migration?


Thanks in advance for any input here.

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Cisco Employee

There is a Migration Tool

There is a Migration Tool posted in the Support - Downloads area specifically for this purpose.  Here is more information:


We are pleased to announce the availability of a Configuration Migration Tool for the Cisco Email and Web Security Appliances.  This tool enables migration of configurations from physical to virtual appliances, and from virtual appliances to physical appliances.


The tool is available in the Cisco Software Download Center under:

- Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance:   Download here.

- Cisco Email Security Virtual Appliance: Download here.


The same tool is posted at both locations. 


The Configuration Migration Tool supports the following migrations:


Source AsyncOS Version              Destination AsyncOS Version

WSA 7.5.0                                            WSAV 7.7.5

WSA 7.5.1                                            WSAV 7.7.5

WSA 7.5.2                                            WSAV 7.7.5

WSA 7.7.0                                            WSAV 7.7.5
   (Not supported by tool.  7.7.0 configuration files can be migrated directly to WSAVs running 7.7.5.)

WSAV 7.7.5                                          WSA 7.7.0

ESA 7.6.0                                              ESAV 8.0.0

ESA 7.6.1                                              ESAV 8.0.0

ESA 7.6.2                                              ESAV 8.0.0

ESA 7.6.3                                              ESAV 8.0.0

ESA 8.0.0                                              ESAV 8.0.0

ESAV 8.0.0                                            ESA 8.0.0


Documentation is available at:

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