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This morning I saw a new upgrades available on the box:

Upgrades available:
1. AsyncOS 4.5.0 build 736 upgrade, 2005-10-13

while now, I'm running 4.5.0-735, what is the new updates on 736?


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Build 736

Issues Addressed in the 4.5.0-P2 Release

Version 4.5.0-736 is the 4.5.0-P2 ("patch 2") release of the IronPort AsyncOS operating system.
Incorporated: Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam Patch 161

AsyncOS 4.5.0-P2 incorporates Patch 161 for Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam software. Patch 161 resolves an issue with the MIME parser in Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam 6.0.2 Scanning Engine and also addresses a DOS (Denial of Service) vulnerability with Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam. For more information on Patch 161, please see the release notes on the Symantec support site: [Defect ID: 18937]

Fixed: The topin Command Causing Application Errors

AsyncOS 4.5.0-P2 fixes an issue where the topin command would occaisionally cause an application error when run under certain specific conditions. The issue has been addressed in this release. [Defect ID: 18678]

Fixed: Invalid Characters in the RCPT TO Command Causing Work Queue Processing Errors and Alerts

AsyncOS 4.5.0-P2 fixes an issue for systems configured to use LDAP acceptance queries. Prior to this release, specifying the characters "<\>" as the RCPT TO prompt in the SMTP conversation (for the envelope recipient) could result in multiple, repeated LDAP queries. This, in turn, could cause the work queue to back up which would result in work queue alerts being generated. This issue has been addressed in this release. [Defect ID: 18978]

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