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about CPU utilization value of ironport C370 email-security-appliance

Hello all,

What is the normal / abnormal value for the following parameters of ironport C370 email-security-appliance ?

  1. total active recipients
  2. active messages in work queue
  3. CPU utilization
Cisco Employee

Each appliance would be a

Each appliance would be a little different based on the expected mail processing, throughput for your environment/domains... and then throw in which processes you have turned up (IPAS, AV, VOF, etc.)...

Typical C370 (running 8.0.1) should be able to handle:

1. ~18 +/- recipients/sec

2. average workqueue ~ 462 

3. average CPU utilization of ~ 91%

The #s vary, again, based on what you have enabled and licensed.  You would be well suited to open a dialog with your Sales Ops/Account team, as they have means to determine the proper numbers and outcomes for your environment.


I hope this helps!



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