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Add New File Type to MEDIA

8) Hello, Email Security Appliance C360 - Does anyone know how to add a new File Type into the media category? (the media includes avi, flash, midi etc. etc.) I want to add flv, MPG4 etc. so it is in the media list for scanning.


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Re: Add New File Type to MEDIA

I asked for some files to be added 2 yearsa ago, but I never heard anything back.

We have just added a new Condition to the content filter to look for the additional files types we want to add.

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Re: Add New File Type to MEDIA

Thanks for reply, could you please inform as to how you have applied the different file type. We want to block .flv, 3gp etc. files and other formats that are not in the Media drop down list on the Ironport appliance.


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Re: Add New File Type to MEDIA

We have a Content Filter setup called Media Files, in order to stop the files that you want to I would have added the following conditions:

Attachment File Info - Filename - Contains - (?i)\.flv

You have a couple of options, instead of using the "contains" from the drop down list, you could used "Ends With". However this then means that you would stop a file called:


You wouldn't however stop a file called:


This is why we have used the "Contains" option. This can in some cases casue issues with false positives with some file extensions that may form part of a normally named file.

We also use a separate condition for each file type we are looking for. You could use the OR function, but I had a real headache getting my head round it, so we went with a single Condition for each file type.

Hope this helps.

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