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New Member

add to host file?

How can I add host to /etc/hosts? or something equivalent to that (e.g. c:\Windows\System32\driver\etc\hosts).

Cisco Employee

add to host file?


This is not possible. You can use Internal DNS server to allow your Cisco ESA to resolve internal hostnames, or you can use IP addresses, for instance, in the SMTP Route configuration.

Perhaps if you can add more technical information about what you are trying to achieve we can provide further assistance.



New Member

Re: add to host file?

Testing RSA DLP and ESA.

Now we have testing domain and production domain.

RSA is in production domain and ESA in testing domain.

ESA have configured public DNS beacuse testing domain does not have Root DNS servers configured.

Now what I want is if ESA is looking for RSA Host then resolves it (current DNS cannot resolve it).

New Member

add to host file?


I would say this is really out of scope as it's not an issue with the ESA.

However, I would think of 2 things you can try.

1) Setup an internal DNS server in your testing domain and add the host in there just as Valter says. You then need to point the ESA to that DNS server.

2) Try using the IP address of the RSA host (Not sure if that would work).

Personally I would use a DNS server and manually add the A record for the RSA server.