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anyone have succes configuring SNMP traps?

anyone have succes testing SNMP with snmptrap command?

I am new to Ironport and the setup configuration of these devices. I am in the process of testing the snmp feature of these servers. As such I have configured the SNMP via snmpconfig command. From customer support I tried to enter the process for alerts and have not been able to get anything.

Is the link to process. I suspect that the traps are not being sent from the appliance. I have gone over the Doc for the configuration and can't see any errors. I have AsyncOS 6.4 for IronPort M660. This is the Admin server for a C150 and C350. Of which I can get no snmp traps either. The snmp manager is CA if that helps. Is there a log file on Ironport to verify taht traps have been sent? I see my command in the CLI log file.

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or been able to send a snmp trap to a CA NSM agent ?

The main issue is not being able to send a snmp trap to a CA NSM agent. Anyone been down this road before????