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Cisco Employee

AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for Management is GA


Cisco is pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of a maintenance release

of AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 (codename Aristotle) for Management to all customers.

This release applies to all our Security Management Appliances (M-Series).

This release enables Centralized Tracking and Reporting for the new
features introduced in AsyncOS for Email 7.0.0.

We specifically encourage customers that are using a previous version
of AsyncOS 6.7.6 for Management to take advantage of the fixes
outlined below by upgrading their Security Management Appliances to
this latest release.


New Features, Enhancements, and Fixes in AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for

New Features and Enhancements in 6.7.6-076

* New Feature: Centralized support for the reporting and tracking changes in the AsyncOS for Email release 7.0:
  * RSA Data Loss Prevention
  * Marketing Message Detection
* New Feature: Reporting by ESA Groups
* Enhanced: Domain-Based Executive Summary Report now configurable by:

  * Domain of Email Server
  * Domain of Email Address

Partial list of defects fixed in 6.7.6-076

* Fixed: Scheduled Reports were losing information due to default values in tables [Defect ID: 67423]
* Fixed: Unable to View Message Tracking Data in the Email Security Appliance GUI [Defect ID: 46200]
* Fixed: MemoryError after losing Housekeeper thread [Defect ID: 52048]
* Fixed: The Show Details link results in a timeout [Defect ID: 51558]

* Fixed: Safelist/Blocklist should be exportable via CLI [Defect ID: 43360]
* Fixed: LDAP Query strips spaces [Defect ID: 46099]
* Fixed: Tracking database time does not update after system timezone is changed [Defect ID: 49407]
* Fixed: Application error when accessing Online Help from the End User Spam Quarantine page [Defect ID: 52395]

The User Guide can be found on the support portal.

Hope you enjoy this latest release - please have a look at the Release Notes and give it a spin. Let me know how you like it!




Re: AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for Management is GA


Is there managment software that can be used to manage the email security appliances OR is it only the management appliance will be able to manage the email appliances, thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for Management is GA

AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for Management is the release for the M-Series that will allow you to do centralized reporting and tracking for your C- and X-Series email appliances running recent versions of AsyncOS for Email. Specifically, this release enables centralized reporting and tracking for the new features in AsyncOS 7.0.x for Email.

This release only runs on the M-Series (this is not standalone software).

Also, this is for centralized tracking and reporting only (not sure if you were referring to management as in 'centralized configuration'). Centralized configuration is available via the clustering capability of the ESA (no SMA required).

Hope this answers your question. Let me know if I missed some aspects and I'll be happy to clarify.



Re: AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for Management is GA

Great thanks a lot that clarified everything for me.

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