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Asyncos manual upgrades

Guys , we have many systems with many end users and upgrades on the slow links are a big nightmare , what we did we followed the article on support site and downloaded releases manually using one of the serial numbers and following the url link answer id 866 how to use local upgrade server , we did created an appache server as in the article and we did put all the releases on the freebsd laptop , now funny thing is that the system are able to see an upgrade list only the one we downloaded releases for , all other systems are not able to see those upgrades ipup extension files, no idea why ... can it be that each appliance got a separate ipup file for it or we are doing something wrong ....

thank's for help in answering me

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Re: Asyncos manual upgrades

Upgrade files are keyed for one or more specific serial numbers. If you've downloaded a file using only a single serial number, then the resulting upgrade will only be usable on that single appliance.

You can download a single upgrade which will work on multiple appliances by going to and then entering the serial numbers of all of your appliances separated by commas.

The result will be a single image, but it will work for all of the serials you've given.

The upgrade process also checks that the upgrade you're trying to do is valid. We only certify certain upgrade paths (eg, you can't upgrade from 5.0.0-001 to 6.1.0-303 directly, you need to go through a few intermediate versions), so you'll need to check that what you're going is a valid upgrade path. Presuming all of your boxes are being upgraded from the same version, then what works for one will definitely work for all in terms of versions.

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