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Backup and restore of a cluster

New to Ironport I just today ran into the task of backing up and restoring a centralized management cluster. Thinking that saveconfig would do the trick I thought nothing more of it and......

(Machine mxhost)> saveconfig

Do you want to include passwords? Please be aware that a configuration without passwords will fail when reloaded with loadconfig. [N]> y

The file C600-bla-bla.xml has been saved in the configuration directory on machine "mxhost".

WARNING: Clustered machines do not support loadconfig. Your configuration file has complete data for the entire cluster, but cannot be used to restore a configuration.

How am I supposed to do this ? How am I supposed to backup a cluster and then restore it ?

I can not find anything in the manuals or in the knowledgbase either so I really could use some help here.


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Definitely saveconfig with passwords. I believe in order to use loadconfig, you need to break the cluster, then recreate it using the config from the appliance you just loaded the config on. Never had to do it. Perhaps someone else knows more about this.

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Re: Backup and restore of a cluster

There is no way to restore a cluster configuration. To save a standalone configuration file that can be loaded, you will need to remove the machine from the cluster(clusterconfig -> removemachine), saveconfig and the add this machine back into the cluster.

What is a specific cluster member becomes unresponsive needs to be replaced? Just configure ip interfaces on the new Ironport and have it join the cluster. The new Ironport will automatically inherit all settings from the existing cluster.

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