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Bad Connection errors on Delivery


Since a few days, i'm having a mail delivery issue where mails are queuing on the IronPort and being delayed for delivery.This is irrespective of any recipient domains.
The IronPort sends mail directly to a Cisco Router 1700 series, which is also its default gateway.

If i telnet to outside, it works perfectly.

I've tried to troubleshoot the problem, by modifying relayed policy, destination controls,forcing delivery, but they stay in the active recipients because of the connection errors below.

Fri Feb 8 10:03:55 2008 Info: Delayed: DCID 19147 MID 10173 From:<srookmin> To:<manu> RID 0 - 4.4.2 - Bad connection ('000', ['TimeoutError'])

Fri Feb 8 10:04:20 2008 Info: Delayed: DCID 19149 MID 10168 From:<srookmin> To:<apavou> RID 0 - 4.4.2 - Bad connection ('000', ['TimeoutError'])

Any idea on how to solve this? All my mails are still in the queue.


Cisco Employee

Re: Bad Connection errors on Delivery

It almost sounds like a duplex/speed mismatch. I would recommend running CLI command 'etherconfig -> media' to verify that interfaces are at 100/1000 Full-Duplex.

Also, i would run 'netstat' to check for collisions and interface errors.> netstat

Choose the information you want to display:
1. List of active sockets.
2. State of network interfaces.
3. Contents of routing tables.
4. Size of the listen queues.
5. Packet traffic information.
[1]> 2

Select the ethernet interface whose state you wish to display:
1. Data 1
2. Data 2
3. Management
4. ALL
[]> 3

Show the number of bytes in and out? [N]> y

Show the number of dropped packets? [N]> y

Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Ibytes Opkts
Oerrs Obytes Coll Drop
Mana~t 1500 74.201.91/24 bubbles 1161037 - 151121270 620950
- 78461722 - -

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