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Block and Unblock the .zip and .rar files based on doamin or user account base on incoming mails with ironport email security.

Hi All,

Request you all to help me out in blocking/dropping only the attachments with the extension .rar and .zip in incoming mails for particular users or domains.

as of now I have did for all the domains or users.However, I want to unblock it only for some particular/specific users and for rest it should block.

kindly help me with the steps to do the configuration.

Thanks a ton in advance smiley







New Member

It sounds like you just need

It sounds like you just need to use different incoming mail policies per group of individuals you want to block/drop .rar and .zip and those which you don't want this to happen.

The fact that you want a specific group to be allowed receipt of these and everyone else should have these blocked I would recommend creating an additional incoming mail policy that does NOT have a content filter that performs this blocking.  Add the appropriate users to this incoming mail policy.  Then create a incoming content filter that does this dropping of .rar and .zip files and apply this to the Default Incoming Mail Policy.

The content filter in this situation would not need a condition, just a action of strip attachments by file info , filename contains  .rar or .zip

Here is a useful regex for the content filter action:  (?i)\.(zip|rar)

Hope this helps!


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