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New Member

Blocking Yahoogroups

I would like to block yahoogroups mailinglist for certain users, and allowed for others.

Here's what I do using message filter

yahoogroups_test_filter2: if (mail-from == '') AND not(RCPT-TO-DICTIONARY-MATCH ('AllowedYahoogroups')) {

but this mean that the email I reject still entering my IronPort,

I want to drop during the SMTP conversation before the data being send.

anybody could with this?

this feature is available in the postfix, and I want to implement it in the IronPort.


New Member

Re: Blocking Yahoogroups

I wouldn't worry about the email getting to the message filters stage of the pipeline. The performance impact is negligible.

If you want Yahoo to unsubscribe these disallowed recipients you could generate a bounce message rather than doing a drop().

New Member

Re: Blocking Yahoogroups

You could do this via LDAP acceptance queries. Acceptance queries allow for the envelope sender address to be part of the query. You'd then need a special LDAP server that could implement your policy rather than being a simple directory.

But I have to agree with bvanzant, it's not a big deal to reject these via a message filter in the work queue. Unless your MGA is overloaded and rejecting these messages would constitute a huge savings, it's just not worth the effort. Just bounce them (so Yahoo gets the message), and be done with it.