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Bounce notification as "RFC822.eml" attachment to

If outbound mails are undeliverable, our Lotus Notes users receives bounce notification messages (created by ESA) sometimes as attachement (filename: "RFC822.eml") to a Notes-created DSN.

The .eml attachment contains $BounceReason from ESA's point of view.

Body of Notes-DSN:

"[MIME content for this item is stored in attachment $RFC822.eml. Parsing MIME content failed: Incorrect format in MIME data..]"

Seems that the Ironport bounce is not interpretable by Notes. Why? And how can we remedy this defect?

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Re: Bounce notification as "RFC822.eml" attachment to

Is the bounce not marked corrupt if you send a small message (e.g. one line) from Notes?

The IronPort's default bounces contain the first 10k of the original message. For a message larger than this the bounce can be regarded as corrupt from a strict MIME point of view because closing MIME boundaries are not there.


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Re: Bounce notification as "RFC822.eml" attachment to

It basically is Notes fault, see for more info.

Apparently there is a feature request for ironport to work around this problem. It would be great if that was implemented, this is a very annoying problem and IBM doesn't seem to be willing to do anything about it.

Use DSN format for bounce message set to NO

I had the same problem and set the feature mention on subject to NO. The problem went away :-) This is on the Bounce Profiles. Not sure if it's version specific but I am on ver. 6.4

BTW if you have problems with the pesky winmail.dat from Vole let me know, there is a notes.ini for it.

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Bounce notification as "RFC822.eml" attachment to

guys, please run bounceconfig and change the

Please enter the maximum size of the original message (in bytes) to include in
the bounced notification message.

from 10 K to the maximum message size in your Mail Flow Policies.

Thanks John and Marting for the tip.

Keep in mind if you or your customer are using CM (centralized Management) this can cause performance issue.

But I used this with two different customer using Lotus Domino/Notes and IronPort and this fixed the issue.

In fact, the .eml file can be saves as .txt and you can see the NDF there.

Valter Pereira
IronPort Customer Support Engineer

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