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Bounce Verifiation issues


We have had BATV enabled for some time now and just recently have had a few issues with it:

Scenario #1
Mails to get a response along the lines of "Your email address has not been added to our list of permitted senders. To verify you actually sent an email to us, please respond to this message otherwise your email will not be delivered."
I suspect the issue here is simply that their auto-responder is using the wrong header from the email. It's unfortunate, but I suppose I can approach them and ask them to fix it.

Scenario #2
I only have sketchy information on this one, but it seems to be that some recipients using Outlook 2007 see the BVAT-stamped address as the email sender and when they hit reply it composes a message to the BVAT-stamped address instead of the 'clean' one. This doesn't look professional and questions are being asked about why this is happening.

I'm sure we have bounce verification configured correctly (there's not much that can go wrong, TBH) and as I said, we have been using it for several months with no ill effects. When I test using Gmail or other accounts, everything works as expected.

Has anyone else had these or similar / other issues with bounce verification? Both of these problems were brought to my attention by a senior manager (why do these things only seem to happen to senior managers?!) and I've had to disable BVAT until I can give him an assurance that it won't happen again.

Your help on this is appreciated


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Re: Bounce Verifiation issues

We tried to enable it but soon we run into few problems.

1. There were some business units using EasyLink Internet FAX solution which couldn't handle the BVAT-stamped messages. EasyLink generated the following error:

The originating address of your e-mail:

is not in our database or is not a registered address associated with
your account. If you are a registered user, ensure that your e-mail
software originates your mail from one of your registered addresses.

2. Domino mail logs start showing the BVAT stamped sender addresses and the statistics were ruined

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Re: Bounce Verifiation issues

It's exactly these sorts of issues that have kept me from deploying BV. In a perfect world, only MTAs would look at the envelope sender address, and only when generating a bounce. But the world is not perfect, and many other things peek at the envelope address instead of using the appropriate RFC (2)822 header. Until a clearer picture emerges of exactly what sort of problems BV triggers, we're staying put.

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Re: Bounce Verifiation issues

Thats the same reason I don't use it yet. The information about the possible issues is a bit vague, I'd rather have a decent list of possible issues so that I can make a better informed decission.

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