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C Series..I really need your opinion PLEASE!

I have a chance (If I choose) to attend the Ironport C Series 2 day training. ... Is it worth it? I have the money, I just want to make sure it is well spent.
We have an issue that keeps getting us blacklisted because of a mailbot. Getting into my Ironport which is set up with the basic config using ldap lookup, I have realized that I truely do not know the ins and out of this device on the network nor do I know its capabilities past initial configuration. So my question is ..... Is the 2 day class worth it? Well it teach me all of the basics I need to come back to my office and tweak my Ironport out?

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Re: C Series..I really need your opinion PLEASE!

There are no Ironport trainings where I live. Just the manuals.
I've installed two C-150 and they work fine, except that they don't do some things as I want (like IMSS does).
Anyway, you should attend that training, that would save a lot of time when deploying comes.

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Re: C Series..I really need your opinion PLEASE!


If you're able to, I would really encourage you to attend the 2day class as it will provide you with the tools you need to do exactly what you are asking. However, if you are not able to attend an instructor-led training, we offer virtual classroom training as well that may provide the information you're looking for as well. Please visit for a schedule and description of class offerings