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C10 to C150 Upgrade

We're in the process of upgrading our C10 to C150. We're instructed as our first step is to upgrade our C10's O.S. from 6.1.0-3306 to 6.1.5-101 that came with our new C150. However there are no available upgrades when we attempted to do this online.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: C10 to C150 Upgrade

You should first check your upgrade server. If you are getting an empty list and not any connectivity error the URL can point to wrong site

Under "System Administration" -> "Upgrade Settings" check the "server" field.

The default IronPort upgrade server is:

You must contact to support if you still not get list of available upgrades. The list is build based on your serial number and current running AsynOS version. Support can verify the upgrades related to your serial number and help you to get it working.

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Re: C10 to C150 Upgrade

6.1.5 is currently only available to beta testers, which I'm guessing you are.

I suspect you won't be able to upgrade your existing C10 to this release whilst it's still in Beta.

If you've got further questions about the beta program you're best to contact the specific beta program manager - if you don't have their details send me a PM with your details and I'll get you in contact.

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Re: C10 to C150 Upgrade


While you're waiting for a response, you can always try dumping the config from your C-10 onto your new C-150. In my experience the IronPort C-series will read a config from another appliance just fine running an older release as long as it's in the same point release. (meaning 6.1.x) I wouldn't try going from a newer firmware down to an older firmware though.

Before I would attempt this, I would download the config from your C-10 and the config from your C-150 and see what the differences are (windif or Notepad++ can do this for you. While there will be quite a bit of differences like IP settings, message filters, general config and the like, you can also see configuration file format changes.

The configuration file format is pretty clean and it's usually very obvious when there is a major change in the format.

Additionally, AsyncOS is pretty good in telling you the configuration file has errors upon import, so you shouldn't end up with a hosed system.

However, it's always best to use configs from the same AsyncOS build.

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