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C170 as internal Relay boxes


Just sitting at working on a draft for internal mail flow design and i'm thinking about using two C170 as internal relay boxes, to seperate "bulk mail" away form the MTA hosting the usermailboxes, making sure we can deliver lots off news for oure outsite customers with no impact on the internal users mailboxes.

What i'm thinking about is putting up two C170 as an cluster, with only feature key for AV and central management since its not gonna be on the edge.

  • Does anyone have som benchmark on C170, how many emails will it be able to handle per hour ?

Br Danish Ironport admin.

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C170 as internal Relay boxes

Hello Lars,

two thing to consider here:

1st: The actual number of messages per minute/hour/day the C170 can process with AV enabled. I could give some estimates about this, but experiences show that they are heavily depending on the kind of message, injection frequency, and network design. If you have any numbers you think about, feel free to post them here, and I can probably already tell you if two C170s are sufficientto handle them, or if it needs further details

2nd: While processing a lot of messages is one thing, getting them delivered is something totally different. Especial if you plan to send large amounts of messages to big hosted services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., as those only allow a certain amount of messages per timeframe (hour, day), and everything else then is queued on the appliance until the recipient hosts allows further injection.  So this need special attention and often fine tuning, just using agressive delivery settings only makes these problems worse.

To make a longer story short, delivery and processing speed never has been a big problem for IronPort appliances, these boxes are simply made to deliver messages quick and efficiently.  Problems are usually found either if internal mailservers causing traffic peaks by pushing out large numbers of messages in too little time, or, as already mentioned, on delivery getting throttled by the remote host.

Hope that helps,


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C170 as internal Relay boxes

Thanks for the answar.

This is the setup, Im thinking on.

For me this about having an internal MTA thats able to handle a'lot off messages over a short periode off time and are easy to handle.

The danish Ironport sales sended me some MTA messages numbers and its looks like an C170 easy are able to handle the load pr hour, putting up two is just for reduncency. :-)

Just hope the price is not to high, compaired to putting in aditional f.x Exchange hub servers.