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C300 Loadbalancing

At one of my client we are going to implememt Cisco ironport c300 device.Customer Demand to configure the two appliance in load balancing mode.

Can Someone explain me what is difference between the devices in HA or Loadbalance mode.

please share me the configuration document for Ironport in HA & Loadsharing mode.

Also need the IP list detail example if configure the device in HA or Loadsharing Mode.


Wajid Dabir

Cisco Employee

C300 Loadbalancing


the devices as such cannot be configured to be in load balance mode or HA mode. If you want to load balance then you need to make use of a load balance server similar as shown here:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-14 um 10.07.32.png

The appliances support DSR (Direct Server Return), a way of providing support for a light-weight load balancing,  which can be enabled optional.

For HA both appliances can either run at the same time where traffic is primarily routed to one of the two via MX DNS priorites. So you would usually give the primary MX record the highest priority and the sendondary a very low one. Please note that this will not prevent mail servers from delivering messages to the secondary. Here is a sample from the Cisco MX's showing three different priorities from 10 to 30. In this scenario 10 would the one with the highest prioritiy. mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10

Otherwise its possible to have one appliance as cold stand by and switch it on in case the primary appliance fails.

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