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Central Quarantine 'Deliver messages via'

I have setup our central quarantine box on the m660 and have spam messages going there. In the config setup, I put two ironport boxes in the 'deliver messages via' so that the release message can go through the routing again and deliver to the correct mail store. But when I release a message, it gets caught again and gets sent back to the quarantine. I was thinking of setting up a message filter to handle this but I currently feel this is a janky fix. Is anyone else using multiple mail stores and the ironport as the 'Deliver Messages Via'?


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Re: Central Quarantine 'Deliver messages via'

Could you set up a different listener that the M appliance delivers via, then disable the appropriate content fiilters depending upon which listener the mail was received on?

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Re: Central Quarantine 'Deliver messages via'

Hello Mathew,

I'm sorry, I have no direct experiance with this. but if I follow the answer given by Mark i think there is a more easy way to get this done.

if you add a condition to your content filter "remote IP is not " the filter will ignore the messages received from your M series.

good luck


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