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Chain mail, hoaxes, jokes - spam by any other name

Just below spam I despise the glut of junk email we get. Chain emails 'send this stupid joke to everyone in your address book!', hoaxes, and stale internet jokes all are nearly as aggravating and prevalant as classic spam.

How about teaming up with and/or to create a security service like anti-spam for this junk that promotes click-happy social engineering?

I have spent untold hours developing policies for these junk emails. I think it would be a great feature and one, if effective, I would gladly pay for!

- Richard

New Member

Re: Chain mail, hoaxes, jokes - spam by any other name

I second this :D

We too have a major issue with chain mail within the company, and I have just started the process of trying to come up with some content filters to try and stop these messages from getting in.

New Member

Good luck

I have started warning the senders of these emails, and after two warnings I bounce all emails back to them. I have a lot of keywords flagged and some are bounced on the spot. This has cut down tremendously on the junk we get. Also I think it is good to stop these senders as they are clearly the ones susceptible to social engineering exploitation.

I sent this as a feature request through my appliance and obviously they did not understand the problem from the response I got: "Actually I think IronPort has already created a proprietary solutions for detecting spam."

Anyone who has this problem please send this as a feature request to Ironport. I think it is an overlooked problem that would prove beneficial to all to address.

- Richard