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Change email domain delivery priority

I have one email domain (DomainA) that I would like to have the highest priority for delivery, it's an internal domain so I can setup a specific smtproute with priority 0.  The issue is we send a lot of email to a lot of domains (DomainB,DomainC, DomainD) and the queue can build up.  But I want DomainA delivered as soon as the ironport received the email.  I've tried to add DomainB,DomainC, DomainD to smtp routes with 'usedns' but it will not keep a higher priority setting that is larger than 0.  So I'm not sure how I can make specific domains deliver quicker than the default domains.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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Hello Shawn,there is a

Hello Shawn,

there is a difference between the workqueue (messages in workqueue) and delivery queue (active recipients). SMTP Routes, Destination Controls etc. work on delivery indeed, however there is currently no prioritization you can set on the workqueue, do get messages from one sender processed faster than from others.  You can address this in a slightly different way though, for instance by setting up limits on receiving for all hosts but the ones you want to prioritize, to prevent that the workqueue is building up. A common setting used for this is the "Rate Limit for Envelope Senders" in the mail flow policies. Activating this will limit the rate of messages injected per sender address, for a given time frame (default is 60 minutes, but can be changed). You could activate this setting in all mail flow policies, except the one for the senders you want to prioritize, or, use the "address list" for excluding senders from this policy.



Hope that helps,

Regards, Andreas