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Cisco Ironport Licence User Limit

We have a licence which permits a maximum of 1500 users for email use.  If we have user which happens to surpasse that figure what happen to the 1501.....?

Cisco Employee

Covered in similar/earlier

Covered in similar/earlier post --->

The 1501 users are still covered.  The appliance is not going to count/disable based on any counters or usage tied to the license/feature keys.

The Sales Ops/Account team should be selling the license/feature keys based on appliance sizing, and the expected users or product environment.  You should open a dialog directly with your Sales Ops/Account team or Reseller to directly answer the users per license/feature key.

If there are specific licensing questions - you can also contact our Global Licensing Operations (GLO):

Licensing FAQ


Phone: 1-800-553-2447, opt 3

Request to have a case opened for GLO/Licensing.

Their email directly is:


I hope this helps!



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