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Configure 2 Ldap servers on C370

hello everyone,

we are consdering to configure a dual bundle C370 to Host a production and sumulation environement simutanously.

from Netwotking and mail flow plicies i think this is possible.

but i am not sure about Ldap profiles.

is it possible to configure two Ldap servers an associate each one with the adequate domain.



Configure 2 Ldap servers on C370

You should be able to do this. 

Under System Administration, set up the LDAP server profiles you need (one for each domain/LDAP realm)

Under Network/IP Interfaces, set up an IP on the public interface for each realm.

Under Listeners set up a listener for each realm, each on its own interface, each with its own LDAP accept query using one of the LDAP profiles you set up.

Set up SMTP routes so the mail gets to the right mail system

In general, all of the mail should flow through the same policy set, though if you need different policies, you'll have to create them of course...


Configure 2 Ldap servers on C370

In addition to Ken's explanation, under Administartion->LDAP also use the "Domain Assigment" configuration to assign your LDAP profiles to the domain(s) you want them to be used for. This ensures that only the dedicated LDAP server will be querried for a specific domain.



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Configure 2 Ldap servers on C370

thanks ken and andreas for your answers.

i will try it.

i have another question regarding Quarantaine Access in this environnement.

when the client access his quarantaine how the authentication is accomplished. is there any spécific configuration to achieve this.


Configure 2 Ldap servers on C370

If they go in via the notification message they get in their email, they don't need authentication.

But if they need to do more than release that specific message, they'll need auth.

Go to Monitor/Quarantines

In the row for Spam Quarantin there's an "Edit" link on the far right, click that.

There's a section called End-User Quarantine Access, where you can turn on how users get access to the Quarentine.  Pick LDAP.

You'll need to turn on and configure the Spam Quarantine End-User Authentication Query and the Spam Qarantine Alias Consolidation Query in your LDAP profiles under System Administration > LDAP

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Configure 2 Ldap servers on C370

so many thanks stieers

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