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CRES shows e-mail in Chinese characters

We have an e-mail recipient who received an encrypted e-mail through the Cisco Registered Email Service (CRES) from one of our employees. When he opens the e-mail, the browser window is white filled with what appears to be Chinese characters. Has anyone seen this before? This is the second time I've seen this happen.

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CRES shows e-mail in Chinese characters

Yes --- please see the following active thread (w/ an example thrown in for good measure)...


Adding in also that there is an open defect to address:

When Opening an encrypted envelope using IE11 you are incorrectly displayed a page of chinese characters rather than the envelope contents.

Internet Explorer 11

Use the open online function or forward to

Hope this helps!



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CRES shows e-mail in Chinese characters

As Robet has noted this is a known problem, and has been around for some time; about time it got fixed really, Cisco...

The workaround for your recipient is to use "open online".  On the envelope there is a link to open online, if they click that instead of the open button and enter their password it should decrypt correctly.

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