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Critical message C680 IronPort - An application fault occurred: ('egg/ _non_blocking_retry|118'


We keep receiving these messages, can someone tell me what this refers to please?

The Critical message is:


An application fault occurred: ('egg/ _non_blocking_retry|118', "<type 'exceptions.OSError'>", '[Errno 0] Error', '[egg/ run|879] [egg/ _run|958] [egg/ close|216] [egg/ shutdown|196] [egg/ _non_blocking_retry|118]')


Last message occurred 26 times between Fri Jun 20 11:26:14 2014 and Fri Jun 20 11:37:15 2014.


Version: 7.8.0-360

Cisco Employee

Such an application fault is

Such an application fault is generally caused by an issue where a TLS session fails to close properly. In this scenario, the email does deliver successfully, but can produce an application fault. In general, these application faults do not indicate a problem with the appliance, and shall be suppressed in a future release of AsyncOS.

With running 7.8.0 - which shipped on the appliance, you may benefit to upgrade to 8.0.1-023, or open a support request to have the appliance properly provisioned for 8.5.6 FCS, which may help to correct seen TLS issues, such as this.

I hope this helps!



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Thanks so much Robert, We

Thanks so much Robert,


We will attempt to upgrade the OS at some stage soon.

Thanks so much for the feedback it is greatly appreciated!



Cisco Employee

No worries - happy to help!

No worries - happy to help!


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