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Daylight Saving Time issues?

Our 4.7.1 OS appliance is working fine.

I noticed that the MFC server was still reporting based on the -0500 time offset. Last night Eastern changed to DST which makes the offset -0400.

No biggie, just noticed it when testing this morning and manually changed it in via the web client in the Configuration tab. Is there any reason that the MFC doesn't automatically pickup the new DST settings?


Cisco Employee

Re: Daylight Saving Time issues?

MFC does not support DST. This is a known issue and has been documented in the MFC 1.3 release notes. Here is an excerpt from the release notes:

The Mail Flow Central reporting system does not adjust for Daylight Savings Time (DST) depending on location. [Defect ID: 14059]

Therefore, if you are in an area that follows DST, you should be sure to set your proper offset from GMT. You will need to manually update this when DST changes your area's offset from GMT.

Release notes may be downloaded at:

Community Member

Re: Daylight Saving Time issues?

MFC is using the OS systems time it's running on. If windows is having the right time, so will MFC.

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