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deduplicate addresses

I have run into an issue that I hope someone can help me figure out. We recently upgraded to exchange 2007 and apparently there are a few changes in how it handles email.

We currently use our system to process mailing lists for our membership. we do this by creating mail enabled contacts with the end users email address as the forwarding address. these contacts are put into distribution groups for the email list functionality. The problem that we are running into is that we are using nested distribuion lists and if a contact is in multiple nested dl's they are getting multiple emails from us. This was not a problem in Exchange 2003, but apparently was changed in 2007 (by design says microsoft).

I was hoping that there would be a way at the ironport level to determine if a user was in the recipient field multiple times in the email message to strip out the extra entries.

in case I didn't lay out our problem correctly here is an example of how our dl's are set up.

Blastertest (dl
Blastertest2 (dl
Adamtest (contact pointing to
Adamtest2 (contact pointing to
Blastertest3 (dl
Adamtest (contact pointing to

in this example the user (adamtest is reeiving the email twice. on the ironport it is using the same MID and ICID, just forwarding it on multiple times.


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Re: deduplicate addresses

The IronPort AsyncOS that processes the mail won't be able to keep track recipient addresses, especially if it's from a distribution list that then gets expanded.